Did HMD just go mainstream? MIcrosoft seems to think so


For $299 I might think so too,


It’s cheap, it need less hardware. but it need windows.
But where are the hand controllers. i think the only ship the HMD.


Yes its cheap, and its Windows, I dont think it comes with hand controllers.
Its probably a bit crappier than Vive or Oculus but cheap is what it will take to break thru the main barrier to mass adoption, also the statement that it doesn’t need a high spec gaming rig to run on, makes it more accessible to the unpaid masses.


Still a fact that headsets like this could push VR. because if people can see the 3D world and walk in it and use xbox controller (need some improvements) to walk around. You still have that wow feeling.

Hand controllers are only needed for interacting with objects.
Pretty sure if microsoft sells them like bread that the bring controllers on the market to. A bit like High Fidleity. baby steps :slight_smile: