Did you go to the bingo?


Did anybody else go to the bingo event today? Fun, and worked well with approx 140 people. I went because I was interested in the tools they would use, and I wasn’t disappointed. Anybody know about the bingo card tool? Seems to me it has a lot of functionality for education (I’m a teacher). Here’s what you can do:

  1. punch in your number (Maybe useful for quizzes, but I notice it had to be verified by the presenter)
  2. click on a sound file (fun, and maybe useful, depending on the size of file)
  3. “call bingo” allows contact with organizer (how many can be used on one card?)
  4. minimizes to menu (useful)
  5. obtainable with one click (nice touch, solid performance)
  6. symbol over my head (class control)

So… anybody know anything else about this tool? At this stage I am still suffering with the indignities of eyelashes and avatar creation, but I learn fast.


Hi, can’t say I know much about how it works but card does not have to verified by the presenter, actually they can’t even see it.

the source code is available here:

There was a workshop on how the futurelands event was made (incl. an older version of bingo) and I think it was recorded but it doesn’t look like they uploaded it, but the slides are in the github.


Thank you so much, Silverfish!


The bingo card tool is super buggy, particularly in VR. It tends to lose the numbers if close the tablet or take off your headset.


Hey :slight_smile:
My Bingo card didn’t seem to show numbers every time.
But it was still a great event. I love the glimpse of a massive VR world.


Well, it was really smooth for me. Of course, I have my brand-new supperdoopercomputer, so that might be part of it.

Early days. I think this could be a great tool.


I also participated in the bingo event. I thought it was really cool albeit short. I know this could be due to the fact that we had 3 winners on one round so it made the game shorter since they only had a set number of prizes.

I know a few of my connections had problems not having the numbers populate for them. Some were disappointed that they couldnt get any of the cards to work.


I don’t think they ran out of prizes… the event last the hour it was supposed to last.
The prize value is actually flexible, if we had twice as many people present they purse would have been bigger.

FYI there were 200 people present and 150 playing, the rest either had technical issue or were HiFi employees.


Thank you for all of your comments on Bingo! I’m the tech lead of the team who developed the experience.

@EllieBrewster - Using the Bingo app architecture as a baseline for a classroom tool is a fantastic idea. As @Silverfish kindly pointed out, the source code is available on GitHub. Feel free to poke around and ask me any questions you have (either here or via PM).

Silverfish is also correct in saying that the presenter didn’t need to verify the card - that was all done automatically via a server script.

@Argent and @Myrothas - I’m sorry to hear that you both experienced problems with the Bingo card. For the next event, we’re working on fixing the problems related to not getting numbers when a player opens the card. This happened because of the high number of concurrent requests made to our particular server setup during a big event.


Yay, more Bingo confirmed!


My card initially got numbers when I clicked on the sign, but if the tablet closed for any reason it didn’t get set up again. It should probably get some kind of local storage.


The card does have local (in-memory) storage! If the card downloaded your numbers from the Internet, those numbers should get cached and re-displayed to you when you open the app next without fetching anything remotely.

If your card wasn’t giving you your cached numbers after closing and re-opening the app, then we have a bug! :slight_smile:


—>Reload bingo.js

always did the “bring back my numbers” trick,
but unfortunately the bingo host didn’t know this…


Yup I went. I even managed to get a card - eventually. Ha ha. I agree about the teaching potential. I can imagine all sorts of in-world quizzery powered by an app / gadget like this. Okay, yes, it was a bit laggy, but considering how many people were in the space, I can only see better things ahead.


Hi zfox! I attended the Bingo in my Oculus Rift. The first 3 times the numbers appeared on my Bingo card, the 4th time it didn’t. Also, the display showing the numbers called did not rez completely for me at first, but it did later on.


I was there with a Rift.

Unfortunately I was only able to play 1.5 rounds… first time couldn’t register before time ran out.
You should definitely give people more time to make sure it’s working, espeically considering the event brings in TOTAL NOOBS.
Second time worked more or less.
Third time I registered but then IIRC I had a crash or something so I couldn’t finish the round.
I did get the audience prize for that round and my numbers didn’t come up anyway so no harm done.