Different scales on different maps


Is it possible to have a “normal map” and a “diffuse map” with different scale?
I would like to get a normal map more repeated than the diffuse map.

I have checked in the FBX and in the OBJ format, there are scale factors possible one each map independently.
But this seems not render at all based on that setup.

What I would have liked to explore using this, is the possibility to have a more granular normal texturing keeping the other map larger and less repeated. I suspect it could help to get better effect on landscape. Having a nicer view in distance but have more details closely. (Assuming that the bumping stops to render after a certain distance, which I think it is the case.)


Right now, no, atleast not with mesh as UV maps are absolute so you cant change the repetition depending.

However, It’s partially doable via shaders. but thats an advanced topic and only viable for primitives

Although, you never know what hifi will come up with the material changes comming in later.


Sounds like ‘mip-mapping’ that would be built into the texture (.dds) but I don’t think we have that here.


Interesting concept.


What you are asking specifically is to be able to apply 2 different UV maps which we cant do (yet).

It is possible to get the same results by using a large map for the difuse say 1024 x 1024, but the normal map being 512 or even 256. They will repeat the same, but the mormal map can be kept quite small in terms of file size. This is more often done with specular maps because the detail generally isnt as important.


Not exactly the same thing. I would have like to have the maximum of the normal map 1024 X 1024… to reduce the tiling effect at it’s maximum for the near view…
(Ex: Have the 1024 X 1024 of the normal map over 5 m X 5m, while the 1024 X 1024 of the Diffuse map would have been applied over 50m X 50m, for the same UV map)

I was talking about 1 UV map but hoping that those scaling properties to be honored:

(Here in an fbx )

here in Blender:


For what I have experienced, the scale for normal map seems to always follow the one set on the diffuse map.
It’s so like that that if you don’t use a Diffuse map, those scaling factor set on the normal map are completely ignored. (This, to me, smells the bug.)
This is also why this is impossible to have independent scales factor.
That said, I have no clue if what I would like to try would have really work to reduce the problem of “tiling versus granularity” when we have huge landscape. (And it’s not today we will know :wink: )


Everything said so far in this thread is basically correct. Namely:

  • we don’t really support multiple UV transformations, yet. We actually theoretically support a second transform for either the occlusion map or the light map, but I haven’t tried it, and I think the code might be a little buggy.
  • every other map will use the albedo (diffuse) map’s transformation. The transformations of all other maps are ignored, right now

Maybe we will eventually support individual transformations, but it would involve some shader changes that I don’t think we plan on making right now. Your best option is probably to manually tile your normal map.


We are really condemned to the mediocrity in mater of wide landscapes. I’m glad to have the haze to mask the tiling effect.
What would really impress me, would be to not feel the edge of the environment that we creating or fell behind the scene. This, frankly, kills the immersion as a cold shower. That’s why a way to make terrain material would be quite interesting, to get wide landscapes that look good near and far. (I’m certainly a dreamer…)