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Digital Ocean


A timely post thanks DrFran
I’m looking to switch out of my, currently free Amazon S3 cloud storage while it is still free
so i’ve been looking at other Virtual Personal Servers (VPS)
Could someone take a quick look  here - am i really looking at a ‘like for like’ comparison?
I’m all for supporting the UK economy but…
comparing Digital Ocean’s $5 per month and M247’s $35 per month !

Digital Ocean pricing

$5/Month  $0.007/hour

Memory: 512MB
CPU Cores: 1 cpu
Disk Space : 20GB SSD Disk
Bandwidth: 1TB Transfer

M247 (Manchester,UK)  pricing

£22.50 ($35.07) per month
+UK VAT @ 20% = £27.00 per month

Memory:512 MB
CPU Cores: 1
Disk space: 10 GB
Bandwidth: 500 GB


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It doesnt take much math skills to see that digital ocean is way cheaper than the other.
I have never tried the other but I can vouch for Digital Ocean, I have 4 droplets running and they are faultless.
Cheap reliable and fast to set up, its a no brainer.

I hope its not rude to put my referral link here because @DrFran didnt.
So Franny you could put your referral code in the link in the top post and people could use your if they want to.

But here is a link because using this link will give you $10 free credit, thats 2 months on the $5 plan which is great.

In fact running this link will give you a free 2 month trial which you can just close and not have paid a cent, or can continue on for $5 a month.
Just be sure you select the $5 plan because the default choice is the $10 plan and you dont need that.

Set up as Ubuntu because CentOS is still on the operating table for Hifi.


ouch too late i already signed lol
as you said its a no brainer
This has to be the way to go for serving 3d objects.
Now i have to learn the Ubuntu stuff but their community tutorials are very good