Digital Ocean hosted setup


Hi everyone,

I’m at the me beginning stages of playing with HF.
Crazily I cannot get this to run on Amazon AWS due to an error on bootup of Inferface with a crash dump.
I saw some blog posts dating to 2017 about being able to spin up droplets on Digital Ocean running HF… how do I access those services with my meta verse account?


Welcome, @johnpaulbyrne! Our docs on DigitalOcean begin here. If you run into any particular trouble, please do email :slight_smile:


Hi John Paul - cool you made it in HiFi. I have a Digital Ocean account and it works great for my domain. Shoot me a text when you’re going to be in HiFi - would love to show you around. Are you doing desktop version or with an HMD (Oculus, etc.)


Hi Andrew. Great to see you. Yes I got a cloud HF instance setup with digital Ocean. At the moment I have been unsuccessful in getting the desktop interface client to run and I’m guessing that’s because I don’t have adequate graphics card as per the miniumum spec? I’m assuming that I still need good hardware to run interface even though the server is running in the cloud. I’m looking to getting a rift in the interim but trying to establish if I will also need high end PC hardware to run the oculus software or if the rift will just connect straight to the cloud domain on digitise Ocean through some setup on the HMD. Still figuring out the stack and newbie basics at the moment so any insights greatly appreciated. :blush:


The High Fidelity client software is called “Interface”, and it is this that renders your view in the domain that you’re visiting (e.g., your domain on Digital Ocean, your local Sandbox domain if you installed the “Sandbox” server software, or one of the many other domains you can visit). Interface can display the view on your PC monitor or a VR headset such as the Oculus Rift (i.e., the Rift doesn’t directly connect to a domain).

PC requirements for running Interface:


thank for making that so clear for John-Paul and myself. I’m often trying to explain this stuff to new people to HiFi - so I’ll keep a copy around over your elegant explanation.