Digital Ocean just doubled their performance


Digital Ocean have released info on their new plans effectively doubling the performance for the same price as previously offered.
Will these improvements flow onto Hifi’s Digital Ocean’s cloud server offerings?
If so do I need to do anything to make them take effect?, redeploy? reset plan? or will it happen automatically?



All you need to do is go on the Digitalocean website in your admin section, select your droplet and do a resize of it. You will need to switch it off to do the resize, but beside that it’s very easy. I’ve done it and now I have 1 Gb RAM.


That’s right, just baking still won’t work - even it should with 1GB I thought. So maybe HF need to change something on the other end.


What droplet size should be chosen for an entry-level HF world able to support, say, 20 avatars at the same time with good performance?

I assume a droplet can be upgraded and resized, correct?