Digital Ocean, Linode, or another for the complete noob


Hi Again,

Looks like I’ll need to go with a 3rd party for my domain (if that is the correct term). The two I’ve seen mentioned here are Digital Ocean and Linode. Any thoughts as to which is the better for the person who knows NOTHING about this sort of thing? Linode seem a little more straightforward in terms of explaining what I’m getting for my money. I just don’t know if that translates into ease of use.

A second related question: I learned a lot from Stack Manager and Content Creation video on YouTube. Once I’ve chosen either Digital Ocean or Linode, or another service, is there a similar video (or plans for a video) to show how to get my content onto Digital Ocean or Linode? The YouTube video assumes a local server. :slight_smile:




Question 1. How comfortable are you with managing Linux machines via SSH command prompt access? There’s absolutely no easy way to do this – there are “easier” ways via some scripts and helper things, but, it’s still command prompt level setup and ongoing management…


My comfort level is zero. I have never even so much as hit the power button of a Linux machine. I have not even dealt with Windows since Windows NT, if that tells you what a dinosaur I am. I’m a Mac user (no surprise there, huh?, though I just finished wiping my Mac Pro’s HD clean for its impeding sale on eBay). Even the time I have spent in Unity3D was with the visual editor called PlayMaker. I am, however, willing to learn, though I expect I will pay someone for the initial setup and learn management as I go along.


Thank you for asking this question. I am still struggling.


For now, because the number of avatars you will likely every have in your domain is a handful, it is far easier to host it locally. More explained here: Max number of avatars in Sandbox?


I’ll agree with both Omega and Balpien as both situations could be leveraged specifically. My own personal experience with a very high bandwidth home computer was failing with respect to CPU as Omega suggests.

I tried linking together multiple machines, and while that “kinda” helped it; I eventually broke down and bought a refurbed decommissioned Biz-class i5 3xxxx that will be dedicated to running my domain.

I would be interested to see how well this new machine performs ~ 200 Mb/s upload 1 Gp/s download. I’m also not well versed in Linux, although I’ve used it enough to be able to perform simple commands in the shell.

If “this place” is really supposed to be all about distributed computing, then hosting-at-home should be our target, not our exception, to the rule…

-just sayin’-


That is pretty much the conclusion I’ve reached. And, as a noncoding, networking illiterate, that conclusion bothers me a bit. FWIW, here’s my observation as a complete noob.

One one hand, I am immensely excited about “this place.” My mind has been racing with ideas as to its potential in terms of it being a training environment since I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. And my area of interest is only a small, niche, area. It really is hard to overstate the potential HIFI has in areas no one can yet predict. And it’s not just the technical sophistication of the place either. From the people I’ve met in the main Sandbox to the very patient folks that have responded to my inquiries over the past few days, everyone has been just great.

One the other hand, I get the sense that this is not a place (for the moment) where the average person who just picked up a VR headset from Best Buy may feel comfortable. I know it’s in Beta right now. I get that. And those users who just want to travel to different places in HIFI will no doubt will truly enjoy the experience. But those who want to draw traffic to their domain in terms of multiple simultaneous avatars AND are braindead like me with regards to coding and understanding networking are at a significant disadvantage with local hosting. Sooooo…have the powers that be ever considered the possibility of implementing a paid hosting OPTION like on Second Life? I’d break out my credit card in a heartbeat if they did.


A while ago, i cannot fidn it back.
I pointed at precise this problem. That high fidelity have the weak part of not give people the option to rent a domain server. Just because not everybody can run one from home. And beyon dthat it only get more technical.

I see the problem, and expect it grow. But not see how it get solved.


One thought as to a possible solution popped into my head a few minutes ago. Remember that I know nothing about programming or networking. Would it be possible to create a program with a GUI that does all the grunt work of connecting to Digital Ocean or some other service (along with a CMS)? Is such a thing possible? Once into Beta, have non-networking people like me try to break it or give feedback on ease of use. If such a thing would work, it would get HIFI off the hook in terms of the massive investment of setting up and maintaining domain servers and yet attract people with little or no programming/networking skills to host content.


I can only say with a windows server it’s peanuts.
There for not much more managed windows servers to here.

High Fidelity have already a web console to set everything.
So the problem is pure server side. Think @coal is better person to give info about this


I’ll keep him in mind. I did notice that the tutorial, while well written, had unexpected outcomes as described in the flurry of messages that followed his efforts. Even with the tutorial, I am still well outside of my comfort zone. I’ll stay with the local domain for the time being. :slight_smile:


If you life in europe. ther emabye payable windows server solutions.


Nope, I live in California, though nowhere near Silicon Valley.