Dimensions of 1,1,1?


Hi everybody,

The Create team is fixing a bug where changing a model to the dimensions of 1,1,1 causes the model to render at its ‘natural dimensions’.

The side effect of fixing this bug is that if you happened to size your model at 1,1,1 and it looks perfectly normal to you now, in RC74 you will find that your model is in a neat little cube.

If that happens, you can un-cube it by pressing “Reset Dimensions” in the Create menu.


We believe this is a good and worthy bug to fix but let me know if you have concerns.


Thats me confused
are size and dimension different?

I think ill just have to suck it and see with this
fingers crossed that everything that i ever built dosent suddeny pop

This kinda adds weight to my belief model dimention and scale shouldnt be editable in world
nothing good ever comes from it
build to scale in your 3d package apply rotation and scale before exporting.


Inworld scaling is usefull. That way you can use the same fbx more times but use different scales.like with tree’s etc. Or rocks. It’s very usefull.


I agree, different scales are useful. Keeps the amount of unique fbx to a minimal.


This is the second time in my time in sl where potentially every model I have brought in here could be messed up by this change tho
happend b4


At least it has been found in beta. It’s a good thing.


Yes and it was a good thing the last time this happened
but back then i only needed to fix 500 models
.anyways this time maybe nothing will happen
And as @Alezia.Kurdis suggests once we are out of beta ill fix anything thats broken


There is certain a script we can make to list now the object that have 1,1,1 on a domain…
Someone know how to list all the entities of a domain ?

So we could know how large this issue can be.


Will wait and see what happens first


Hey guy, I’d be very surprised if you guys have many models that have dimensions of 1,1,1. You’d have had to set it that way on purpose.

Our edit tools don’t have a true scale setting the way others do, and I agree it’s annoying. It’s on our radar as something we’d like to fix.


So… :confused: all the years 1.0 != not 1 meter ?
Or does 1.0 change when you use the scale setting ?


Hi Richardus,

When I say “Scale” as a feature I mean for example in Unity when you scale something to 25%, it will stay at 25% of it’s original scale, preserving its understanding of the original size. In High Fidelity you can scale something down to 25% but basically that will just divide all the dimension values by 1/4. If you apply another 25% it will shrink down by 1/4 again.

In terms of our dimensional values being “to scale”, 1 dimension =1m, yes.