Directional sound with loop sound emitter and acoustic pollution :)


I instructed my students to use the fantastic loop sound emitter from @Caitlyn in the market place.
I thought that the music set in the domain were directional and could be heard only locally.
But when many of them did put such sounds, it appears that the sounds are heard everywhere even km far from the original source. “Hear” this video :slight_smile:
We are using normally desktop version, but what about the spatiality of the the sound ?

Is there something to be set up in the userdata to gain true spatiality, or is it a limit of the playsound in HF?


The sound needs to be mono or ambisonic to behave like described. If you are using a Stereo sound, it’s going to play domain wide. (I wonder why it can’t respect at least the range. But well it’s how it works for now.)


@Alezia.Kurdis as usual you are REALLY fantastic, my students will love you (!)

I tried mono and it works quite well. I am a bit confused how to save it as ambisonic with Audacity, does it make sense to convert a stereo sound to ambisonic? Or do you need to record it naturally with specific microphones?


I’ve already tried to find a stereo to ambisonic converter, (even to get a faked ambisonic)… Let me know if you found something :wink: