Directory font inside interface client bad


The font inside the directory the interface client is using is bad It seems to ignore cleartype from windows or using a bad font type. Also my suggestion is to add a button like you see on many webpages to make the font bigger.


As a side note: This would also need to extended to the WebUI client that renders the stuff such as the Edit Window: so that the preference effects all font sizes.


and now it is getting worse… (as of build 2690) white on a clear background does not highlight the TINY LITTLE font (that few could read even if it was in a colour that could be seen)
My suggestion is to go BACK to the grey background with white font (and a slightly larger font so people can see it - remember not all of us have monitors the size of a livingroom wall!)
The window can be hidden for those that want to see it. (at least last I could tell when I could SEE it…)


well the font is nice and clear as of 2733 but the background is still missing, therefore when you have any light coloured surface, the lettering becomes camouflaged against it.