Disabling height scaling in order to sit


In a recent update, the settings were changed so that a player’s virtual height was updated any time the y-coordinate of the headset in physical space was relatively constant. One effect is that if you sit down in a chair, for a split second you’re lower down, but soon HiFi adjusts to that height and you’re now virtually standing again, though you’re sitting physicially.

I’d like to have a sitting experience, where other avatars in see that you are also sitting. We’ll be doing this in a controlled space for a research study, so the people in VR will be in physical chairs that map to virtual ones, and they won’t be able to teleport out to break that mapping.

What sort of thing can I do in order to get a workaround, e.g, I press a button and it would freeze the avatar height so that if I crouch down physically, I stay crouched physically, if I sit physically, I stay sitting physically?


I do agree. This should be an option:
I’m sure there are people who want to walk while they are sit in RL, but I think it would be also interesting to be able to have the match between in RL and Avatar.
I wish I can sit in world, when I sit in RL, according the height of my headset in opposition of the rl floor.


Yesterday, I tried to pick an object on the floor in HMD… hum too bad… I can’t touch the floor with my hand anymore.


I have to agree. I have had this happen even with body tracking, and that is really getting annoying to have yourself suddenly skyrocket up even though my feet are planted on the ground.


It’s good if you like to be sit in RL but stand in HMD and like to wander around with the 2 broken wrists… :wink: