Discord Channel for HiFi


Apparently there isn’t an official Discord for Hifi? Here’s one I made in the interim: https://discord.gg/dYvQBHY

I’m out of HiFi for a while, have fun!

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There is an unofficial one already

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Or I know it’s a crazy idea and possibly an undocumented feature but
High fidelity can be used to talk to people
Let’s not make it sansar
Log in and use it

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Haha touché sir. I don’t intend to be logging in much anymore though. Just keeping an eye on it from a Discord distance…



Is it like a super secret?! VRChat, Sansar, and Janus all have theirs public and active…



Its because vr dosent work and what everybody wanted all along was just an old fashioned chat room and a topic to discuss