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Let me get this straight. You are saying that there are hidden categories in the forums that I do not have access to? Why is that?

How to disable steamVR sandbox? And why sandbox in steam ? not logic

It’s a Discourse thing.
Being more active on the forum increases your “trust level”.
Once you reach trust level 3 (Regular), you get access to a private “frequent flier’s lounge” category.

More detailed explanation:
What do user trust levels do?


@Jess So after reading 25.7k posts, creating 39 topics and creating 447 posts, I am not an active user?


@Twa_Hinkle: To clarify, “active user” is not the status that unlocks this Lounge thing. It’s as @Whirly.Fizzle described above.

Again, the Lounge is little-used, and is not considered an official discussion space. It’s only there because Discourse generates it automatically.


I’m pretty sure you will move up to Member level if you like just one more post.
You have only ever given 1 like and you must give another to move from Basic to Member.


That one “like” was a mistake click on my part and I would remove it if I could. I will start using “like” when there is a “dislike” option.


Click once on the like it get active. click again on active one and it get removed.
Really not see the use of dislike button.


Not really sure why we’d need a “dislike” button here, everyone’s been so cordial and well behaved, and most everything posted has been to topic or at least in keeping with the topic.

Come to that, considering that all Likes are communicated back to the user whose post was liked, by whom, I’d guess any “dislike” would also be reported back to the user in a similar manner… which would be bound to cause Drama.


I can see use of dislike. One example is the announcement of a wonderful change to xyzzy.js that is not so wonderful. A dislike is a clean response to the negative. Then too, we can have a “curmudgeon” badge for number of dislikes accrued. In any case, the lack of dislike is far from biggest issue for me.

BTW, if you toggle the same like button more than a few times, discourse slaps you on the wrist.


I am sure some who read this might find my post about a “dislike” button… dis-likeable but that is exactly my point. It would be easier for you to just click a “dislike” button than to go to the trouble of posting a reply.

more history on “like”:

and from a year ago:


dislike buttons i see as griefer buttons. So only reply or like sound effective.

People this days are to easy to click a dislike button i think.