Discusion of edit tools over its being built forget design admin please delete thread


There has been much discussion about the edit tools whats wrong with them and how they should be
Rather than a dozen different coders all making their version of edit, it might not be a bad idea to discuss whats needed as a comunity and find what overlap their is with ideas. Maybe even do some conceptual art on how it should all look

There has and probably allways will be conflict between the wants and needs of vr users compared to desktop users.
Im a die hard desktop editor but know I’m wrong longterm in this viewpoint. Which is to say when I bought my house it needed alot of renovation work on it at no time did this building work require a keyboard and mouse.

3D modellers can and will allways use what ever software they choose, the problem we need to work toward solving is making handcontrollers the weapon of choice for inworld editing.
We are a vr platform we shoudl not be striving to be Second Life or Blender

currently what we have is

The eating chocolate with a knife and fork game whilst wearing mittens

A first step in thinking how to edit assets using hand controllers woudl be
If i was to move the furnature around my room using handcontrollers, what would I need to attach to them to presicly move a chair?

would it be stupid to look at the tools we use in real life?


What’s missing in your last picture is:

For precise placement of stuff. Which is quite difficult, if not impossible, with handcontrollers.


The problem is that I would also need this kind of tools:

I’m having hard time with the huge object. Because I need to be outside to manipulate them, and with the avatar point of view to adjust it. How to toggle between the 2 points of view without loosing the selection?

Grabbing in HMD is also nice but if we can’t set anything to prevent rotation, it’s to me not very helpful to build with it.

I wish I could have a ‘Paste’ button on the HMD keyboard.
I have been able to code myself an inventory page for my online objects… where I can copy the url from an HMD app… but I need my keyboard to paste them.


so theres no point discussing what the users would like then

yipee coders designing for artists worked out so well last time

and you wonder why so many builders gave up trying to build here

they couldnt work it

imagine if you let the artists write the scripts youd see what a joke it is


these must be the team of secret hifi builders


middle bottom of the text entity 3 cubes there each with a different function grab the middle one

properties pannel most important field here is the url course thats at the bottom for your conveniance

the rotate arrow the first time u use it scales the model rather than rotates it


I knew that I wasn’t an artist…
I’m able to use the existing edition tools :wink:

I was practically afraid to have to go on Sansar :wink:


i can use them but they are clumsy counter intuative ugly uninspiring inpractical innaccurate and slow
i build a lot in here I know just how bad they are


I fully agree with you, it’s deficient.
Even if I consider this as a severity 2

I still think we can put idea on the table.


For whatever stupid reason vr construction seems to have been conceived by people use to living in zero gravity
Everything floats in space and needs moving with. Laser beams and arrows and cubes. Where u are in real life put a chair on a table you don’t need any of this rubbish .coders watch too much sci-fi and think this complexity is how the future should look this is why it’s such a confusing mess.
Now the chair you put on your real life table scale it make it bigger .you can’t you want a bigger chair buy a bigger chair why are we obsessed with having magical vr powers when we can’t even do the basics right