Discussion on how best to do text chat


I’ve been gone a long time, but, I have a semi-photographic memory. Interface had XMPP back in the earliest days.

See github search of hifi repository for XMPP;


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Well, another idea might be to have some sort of automated prove-you’re-not-a-bot challenge where each unsolicited IMer has to answer a short pop-quiz sort of thing (“How many cats do you see here?”) before you ever see any messages from them. I actually had to add a pluggin like that to my Pidgin system because I was getting too many random spammers trying to IM me. I could selectively turn it off for different chat services and whatnot, though.

Another idea might be to have some sort of throttling mechanism where, if too many people try to IM a particular person or location, it forces subsequent IMers to wait X number of seconds before people are allowed to send another IM to there. The more people try to send at one time, the longer the X number of seconds becomes, until the number of people trying to send IMs drops back down again.

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A casual observation - an off label use of the “send money” feature is 72 character messaging for contacts (any domain, online or offline). Costs a(t least a) penny a message but works already.


I think the most simplistic solution is to allow domain operators to decide the chat permissions of their domain akin to how they already define who can come in. They could allow anonymous users to enter, but not use chat. Likewise, user to user communication could have similar permissions (receive messages from everyone, signed in users, people in connections, only friends, and no one.


Wonders how this and pop certs will hold up in court… If I were HiFi, I’d probably … well, I’m not HiFi. nm


I think that an in-domain-only chat app could handle the case for anonymous chat to help local users.

I thought the support chat was automatically there, it seems to be there for my account all the time, and can continue to be used for helping people who don’t have voice… it can perhaps be expanded to fetch people’s display names automatically.

There was also a cross-domain chat system that was discussed. That was why I suggested XMPP in the other thread, and it should certainly be authenticated.


A thread about chat and no mention of matrix.org! I must be dreaming :open_mouth:

For reals though definitely do look into matrix instead of XMPP.

The intro to this presentation is probably the best way to get a good look: https://video.fosdem.org/2019/Janson/matrix_french_state.webm


A nice P2P Chat: https://github.com/geut/olaf


This ones quite nice