Dk1 0.7 display bug


Artist impression of the dk1 display bug

Well I fixed it
I had the eye cup setting to the wrong eye cups in the rifts set up thingy , switching that made it display correctly
Odd that it worked fine on everything else tho
HIFI must be doing something with that setting that everything else isn’t…

worth knowing anyhow




yes that :slight_smile: and ooh look mine has a,b,c


That is great @Judas. How are things with the DK1?


back to normal thanks @chris


Wish I could use my DK2.I have a 460M graphics chip, so no go anymore with Interface. DId the promise to make it work on older SDK come to pass?


@Balpien_Hammere Just noticed that the latest build of Interface is working on my under spec (OpenGL < required version) Windows tablet with HD 4000 GPU. Probably not intentionally working, but perhaps worth trying your DK2 again if it’s the OpenGL version that’s your problem with the 460M.