DK1 Trouble oculus rift


With the dk1 The demo scene is working fine but when i try to use hifi I’m getting I suppose double vision is the word.
I tried not drinking but got the same effect below are the settings I’m using
if anyone has a dk1 and is either working fine or has the same problem
id be interested to know


I am not certain of the dk1 compatibility with HF, but you mentioned you tried the experience again without drinking and for the same results.

In my experience, sobriety is a tested method to eliminate double vision, but since this did not fix the problem, it might be related to the dk1. Do you have the double vision persist after removing the rift? If so, you may need a doctor.

Ok trolling aside, I sent my dk1 home with one of the devs I work with and I’ll see if he can look into it. I’m hoping that I’m picked for an htc valve headset and can perhaps help integrate that to HF.

Until I hear back from him, good luck!


No luck so far, it doesn’t seem to recognize the DK1. When I click HMD tools it says the HMD Device Unknown, and when I click enter HMD mode nothing seems to happen. Ill try to mess around with it a bit more later but it looks like its a no-go at the moment.

Then he sent me a screenshot, I’m fairly sure the dk1 is not supported officially, and honestly that makes sense.

Why would anyone create backwards compatibility for a non-consumer kit?


-Make sure you have the latest runtime from Oculus .
-Run in Extend mode
-Do not mirror your screens
-You can also drag the Interface screen to your rift device and “Enable VR mode”. Then go full screen.


k that’s much too confusing for me
why does the demo scene work but not hifi?

i updated the runtime as suggested
i set it to extended mode in the config thing
mirror is off in interface

now i see the desk top but not interface

i think im 2 stupid for vr @.@


NOOOO @Judas never too stupid for VR. VR is a tad tricky in it’s infancy. It needs to come up to your level; not the other way around my friend. :wink:

I have had numberous issues with the double vision in my DK2 when switching from Direct-To mode to Extended mode but this is inherent to the DK2; and not the DK1. Or at least, not in my personal experience.

You mentioned that you work in SL too, and while the ‘end-game’ is to use DK1 in HF, I recommend spending an evening using DK1 in SL, and make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, you attain the highest framerates at ALL COST. Sacrifice all eye candy possible.

Have fun!


@.@# ok has been trying this again and still no joy with the dk1 on windows.
Its peculiar the huds and stuff are in focus but the scenery is outta whack double vision.
Anyone still got a dk1 they can try with windows?


@Judas what version of the Oculus SDK are you running? make sure you’re on the latest.


The sdk thing doesn’t have an installer but i have the current runtime installed from that page
The Tuscany demo works great, so does the build in table with desk thing , its just hifi is bokred for me


I just tested this out with my DK1, and I’m definitely seeing some issues with the rendering. I am investigating and will keep you updated.

Is this an issue that you’ve only noticed recently? Have you been able to use the DK1 in the past without issues?


Well it use to work, but the version that broke it , i have no idea. it gathers dust alot lol


I suspect a change to the rendering system a while back broke it, and it simply wasn’t noticed till now. I’ve traced the problem to a mishandling of the asymmetrical projection matrices for HMDs. If you look in the DK1 you may be able to see that mesh based content is rendering in the wrong location, while entities are rendering in the correct location. i.e. a box will be correct, but your avatar won’t be.

I’ve got a PR that should fix it, but it’s a significant refactor of the way we handle projection matices, so I’m not sure how quick it will get integrated. However, it may fix some other issues I’ve been seeing as well. If you want to try out the build, it’s located here:

Will keep the thread updated.


Oh dear, good to know. I was about to hook up my Oculus DK1. Oh well, later. :slight_smile:


@Jherico sir you are a genius that pr is working great. Thank you :slight_smile:


The PR changing the way matrices are handled has been merged. Builds from this evening onward should fix the DK1 rendering. Please let me know if you’re continuing to have issues.


I’m back to not getting the dk1 working. I just updated the sdk and what not to the new version .6
the Tuscany demo works fine, just I cant make it work in HIFI. the screen remains blank.
that’s on windows 7 @Jherico


oh nevermind i was just show your pr version, its kinda back working in that transparency bugs aside it seems a little astigmatic sorta un-sphericle if that’s a word, i shall sit and wait for it to go into the main build
as u were


Did anybody manage to get DK1 working on linux?
I’am sticking with master branch on Ubuntu 16.04 with free radeon drivers.
SDK and WorldDemo are running fine.
No HMD though is visible.
I can set the 3DTV and output it to Rift Display.
No libOVR in build and ovrd is don’t get any queries and give no output while running interface.
Also I’m having lot of ‘libusb couldn’t open USB device’ messages, but maybe it’s another story.


I don’t know Linux but for Windows, Interface is built using one of the recent Oculus SDKs that supports the CV1 and DK2, but not the DK1.


Have you tried running the interface with the root account if you are getting ‘libusb couldn’t open USB device’?