DK2s being flogged off


@emily I saw in Facebook you are selling the old DK2s

I want one of these, is there a way to bypass the ebay thing and send one to one of your oldest and active Alphas?
I am surprised you didnt offer them to the existing users here first.

Quite frankly this is rude to have bypassed us, the amount of work we do and help we provide and we are constantly offering bug reports and testing your system and doing valuable work, and we dont even rate a thought? Thats disappointing, come on show some gratitude to the people who have enabled you to get this far. Share the old gear with those who need it the most, and can actually benefit you.

What can I do? Do I have to play the ebay game or can you send me one?


(PS I cant afford a CV1)


That’s a good point. Thanks for speaking up.

It’s too late for this batch, so next time we have something like this come up, we’ll post on the forum to give you a crack at it.


Dibs on Philips car…


Thanks Jess, next time you have something come up?

EDITED sense of entitlement and knee jerk disappointment.

I’ll go back in my box now.