Dlodlo VR glasses


Finally, something more like what I’ve expected of VR gear. It has a small tether to the processing box, and the only specs I could was its resolution and FOV: 2560 x 1024 per eye, FOV 100. It is not clear how (if at all) it performs head tracking.

Some specs from an older review:


Wonders what the snag will be.
The thing holding vr back as far as it needs to be just a pair of glasses is being able to focus on a screen 1 cm away from your eye.If that was easy we would already have it. Lenses we pretty much mastered .
I kinda feel the projecting light onto the back of the eye route must be the way to go because thats how we see everything
Remember your mother telling you to not sit so close to the tv


One comment, if i look to the corner where the nose park. Then tht can be a problem. but it can be optical illiusion.


I would say this is the next step to making VR/AR Closer Let’s just hope you can hook it up to everything for the future


What we need are these

Holographic lenses


Yes, jut like the ones in the HoloLens AR HMD.


Noooo I think different. I remember years ago someone made a holographic image of a magnifying glass on a book .the lense magnified the text beneath .remember those holograms on what looked like silver foil. Was that kind .maybe it’s how the holo lense works I assumed it was just projecting onto a curved screen


Totally no. Those two little pieces of plastic are holographic mirror/lenses. They are completely flat physically, but they model a hyper-curved mirror and lens. They are true holograms of a complex lens and mirror assembly.


BTW, the reason Microsoft is not concentrating on Kinect the product anymore, is because the HoloLens basically has the Kinect lens and bone modeler in it. There are several lenses looking forward on a HoloLens. That is how they can see your hands, model the bones, and extract gesture and position features. My critical comment about the HoloLens is its low FOV, which I believe is there to not tax the somewhat limited GPU.


So If those are all ready a thing why aren’t we getting screens closer to eyes ?more like swimming goggles than glasses


This is pretty close:

But, like the HoloLens, you need room for electronics. You are stuck there, not many choices where to place the light emitters. Either in front, like the Dlodlo (two high-res OLED screens), or above and slightly behind (the HoloLens does this), or directly on the edge of the mirror wave guide (Magic Leap does this).


I think this is the snag. See the tether cable? It goes to the D-Box, a smartphone sized device that is the render engine or maybe the video processor. That part is not clear yet as they are a bit secretive about it. More here:


I’ve been following the dlodlo progress. They are making it less bulky. It is 16mm (0.5") thick, weighs 78g (2.8 oz), 90FPS, 2560x1024 each eye, 10ms latency, small tether to either a smartphone sized VPU/GPU or a hook-to-computer version that does not require the portable unit.

The portable D-box VPU/GPU uses a PowerVR G6230 GPU. At 80-100GFLOP, it seems seriously anemic for HF style render graphics. GFXBench3.0 came out at 20FPS

So, direct tether to a computer seems to be what is required.

Rotational and positional tracking is performed with two 9-axis IMUs (gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer). The magnetometers would be used as the fixed reference to curtail accelerometer drift. With the Vive, the lighthouse beam sweep serves as the spatial reference. Using the ambient magnetic field for positional reference will work, though the question is how well will it work, hence a wait and see on this product.



Update on the Dlodlo. It’s now:

Model Dlodlo V1
Weight 88g Resolution 2400 × 1200
PPI 800+ FOV 105°
Refresh rate 90Hz
Focus Supports myopia up to -7.00 diopters
Sensor 9-axis sensor

So, it has better overall resolution in the vertical, increased FOV.
The downsides are it doesn’t fit well. Look down and they fall off. Will need a mod for that. For some reason they are not using the magnetic sensor to give some position tracking, so it’s basically in the realm of rotation only viewing.
$600, needs much more bake time.

This reviewer does not like it: