Do I have the right to sell this?


I was just about to upload two pieces of photogrammetry to the market. A cookie with a bite taken out of it and an ashtray. The cookie was bought from my local shop and is completely generic. I assume I own the right to sell a scan of the cookie. Now, the ashtray on the other hand was bought from a headshop maybe 15 years ago. Its had 15 years of use and has a cake of ash at the bottom. Do I have the right to sell the scan? I’m not sure that I do.


I‘d be very careful with this as the ashtray is the original work of the ashtray creator.

In addition with the devastating EU copyright reform hanging over us like a Sword of Damocles - even giving it away for free might be considered copyright infringement :frowning:


unless it has any logos and branding on it i recon ur good to go


The decentralization of HiFi really helps with subverting this though, now all we need is more encryption and anonymity to make it seamless and safer.