Do not sit on virtual furniture when using HMD


Yes, it one of those obvious things, but immersion makes your body and ganglia react to the verisimilitude nearly instantaneously.

Because, things like this can happen:


Lol - damn, similar is happend to me. I was in ‘Pierhead Arcade’ and played with a little tank, wich I have won as price. And this littel sweet damn thing moved behind a counter… and this was so immersive, I tried to lean on the counter to look beneath… In this case, VR and RL was not coincident, in real I hit the table top with my head and was going down, and first thought was ‘damn, hopefully the vive was not smashed’, followed from a big laugh in some pain.


I’ve heard of people taking a hell of a fall when playing virtual pool, because they try to lean on the table.


:grin: yup, sound familiar. So fasr it’s only close to accident.
Especalliy the habbit to place the controllers on virtual; object is a my favorite one here.

Not got much to sit on, but that can be a dangerous one in the future,
What’s next a body suite with artificial muscles that allow you to sit in the air ?


Something like that. Or, @Philip’s ‘box’. That was an interesting device.