Do we get at some point "User Zones"?


It’s around in my mind for a while. and since other post from someone you start to think more.

I think High Fidelity need something like “User Zones” compare it with parcels in SL or mabye we better compare User Zones with sims in SL ? This would be best if it’s implemented before the beta release.

So there can be a domain. And in that domain you can assign user zones. Why ?
Because right now, you can only set in domain edit right to everything or nothing, that’s a good mix for drama !

So i think a domain need to have the option to give pieces of the domain to someone. In a way that the owner and domain holder is the only one that can do something there. This could be expanded later with other things. User zones make a domain more interesting too because cooperative building.

It would be nice if a user zone can be assigned to own server also for asset storage. etc
More i have not worked out :slight_smile: Because you need to have the base first.


Can’t we script zones to do this (yet)?


Not really, the permissions are basically a domain wide on or off setting and the domain needs to be restarted for the changes to take place so its impractical to set up a script to switch between allow and disallow according to position.

I was trying to figure out a parcel system for earth and I hit this wall.
I would welcome any suggestions for a JS workaround, but I was also hoping for a hard coded parcel/permission system eventually.


I think a scripted parcel system would be better. Personally, I don’t want user parcels on some of my domains and the ones that do I would prefer to have full control over to do however I want. Not to mention all the code overhead I don’t want taking up space on every single one of my servers when it isn’t being used at all.

Why make land baroning have an easy button? Make them work for it!


Maybe we should ask for a javascript access to the allowed editors list without the need for a restart?


I like that idea. You should post it on worklist.




But then you give access to edit right on the whole domain,. bad idea !
The option for having script access is good, but it need to be combined with some zoning. How else can people build on domain without griefing other area’s on the domain.

That why User Zones are handy, and i think the overhead is not so big.
AHa, just did read the worklist, you want user zones based on javascript :open_mouth: Good idea, but going to hit another wall mabye at some point.