Do we have a Discord channel?


Hi there, maybe I missed something, but - does we have an (in)official Discord channel?


There is somwhere it lots of people in it , because hifi dosent need a good text chat system
Looking at all these discord vr groups im starting to think people dont want next gen anything all they actually want is a prettier version of irc chat


It’s just, I have Discord installed and wonder if I could join a HiFi channel - but anyway…

Oh yes, the chat and offline messages for HiFi - I’m still waiting for the release of this, it’s almost 2 years ago:


There is an unofficial Discord channel, you can join into it using this link

If it has expired, send me a DM and ill generate new links


Yippie, thanks @Menithal :sunglasses:


I really start to hate discord. it’s the next facebook. If people start using that terrible discord. Forums seems to die. While a forum is better communication system then discord. If you not follow discord realtime, your doomed.

Shame to hear hifi have discord. Already left the one from other platform for reasons. Try to follow a topic on disvord. impossible. etc.


I understand you. For me it isn’t a question of only this or that. I like the forum for the same reasons like you. If I look in the stats, it seems just two handful people are using the forum regulary. And from time to time you get an answer from the devs. Discord is for me more realtime, and it smells more ‘alive’ then the forum. But no question, I think it is a kind of pity, that HF isn’t able to bring this ‘alive’ feeling here. Just my point of view.


Is the discord app running in private mode ?
So other cannot read it when your in VR and use it ?


The link is dead. Can someone invite me to discord channel?


Try this link.

Expires in 24 hours btw.


Thanks for a quick help!


Hey can I get an invite?