Do we know if we will be able to ride on npcs?


Just wondering if there has been a determination of whether or not rigged animals will be uploadable and rideable in high fidelity.

I know the tutorial butterfly is rigged, so it seems we can bring in meshes with different articulation than the human rig - if that makes any sense. But in order for this to be useful for rideable animal npcs, we need to be able to ride them.

Do we know yet?

Thanks in advance.


It will be possible, eventually: I even demonstrated some seeds to it just this week. which I’ve been working on.

Technically would just be ride-able vehicles with animations (see my tiger), or have a trickery (if it is a assignment client run npc running on server) which is attached to a vehicle enitity which allows for movement. There are some issues to it though, regarding attaching an avatars to an entity, which still need solving from the developers side, and currently finding out more of them, and eventually submitting bug reports.

But as of the moment: its abit of time aways.


Good question, and it has been asked a number of times for over a year. It should be possible. I’ve been waiting to upload my rigged ride-able dragon since then. But, there is a massive design flaw in linking avatars, onto entities (aka having an avatar sit on an object - in SL speak). That design issue has to be resolved. It seems to be low priority, much lower than anything related to VR features. I hope it does get resolved soonest.


Balpien I heard that, slightly before my time in SL (pre2006), people WERE able to sit on avatars but the ability was removed because it crashed sims or something. Is that a myth? Think you were in SL before I joined.


I hope if this happens they add the ability to attach avatars to any bone we choose on a rigged model entity, not just to the entity’s root. That’d allow for the easy creation of roller coasters (the moving car can be animated by skeletal animation along the tracks much more easily than with a script), which are a huge selling point of VR.


I hope so too! It opens so many possibilities that the mind boggles.


That’s funny. I too envisioned making cars using the avatar property. In that way I could rig some bones to be leaf springs , others to be door hinges.


@PetVal / @Balpien.Hammerer / @PoppetMcGimsie thats already absolutely possible.

About 3-4 months ago @thoys demoed it at a meeting after finding out when playing around with Code. Specifically


I even use it as the main method of defining Seat positions at the same time to test if I can get it to sync with a dynamic entity.


You can attach avatars, and entities to a specific bone of an entity, and when animating that bone you also move the avatar or entity in sync with the animation. You just have make sure to sync the avatars position and rotation in the frame your are attaching the avatar in, after that you no longer have to sync

The main problem arises when the entity it self moves via Physics, not when it is animated


This is the major design flaw I mentioned. There should be absolutely no need for a complicated script to have to do moment by moment syncing. Basically, the concept of connected, linked, attached dependent movement is missing in HF design architecture.

I think at this point we need a heartfelt discussion with developers about this problem. We will not get much further with dynamics interactions if the only avenue left to us is clever, messy scripted hacks.


They are working on it especially now that Ive been pushing the vehicle scripts and figured out how make the avatar non physical (which is the only Hacky part in my script) the rest is just the avatar being attached to the entity and it’s joint after the initial setup. No updating of avatar position here, aside from the initial relative positioning on ‘sit’. You can see the prototype test I wrote for the case in GitHub. although this doesn’t even use the Physics actions which was an undocumented thing I only recently after talking with thoys and eventually Philip talk about.


definitely we will work to make it possible to:

  1. Parent an avatar to a part of another avatar
  2. Make physics work for children of linked objects

Many fun things to come of that, just need to get the work done.