Do you know how to set up a Vive and trackers? Are you near NYC?


Hey there! My group is doing an improv workshop and show in HF over the next couple weeks. It takes us a lot of time to get our actors up and running in Vives with full body tracking, and we’d love to get an extra hand or two for both the rehearsals and shows.

This will be for a few days starting next week and going until December 15th. This is paid in USD!

Thanks -


I’d offer to help but I am unavailable from W-Sa due to work.

To help out other people who may be interested in providing assistance, how many trackers are you intending to use per actor (2/3/4/mystical 5)?

Also some tips:

  • As of v0.75, hand controllers will stop tracking if they are too far away from the user OR when not moving for an extended period of time. Especially with the latter, be sure to keep that in mind in case you see actor’s hands moving down to their sides when holding a pose flawlessly (yes, I’ve done this). Simple movements will help prevent this.

  • Some avatars may act a bit strange with calibration where the knees seem extra strict (lifting leg doesn’t seem to bend knees in time). A quick and easy way is to have the waist tracker slightly higher during calibration then lower it after completing it. This will make the knees act more proper if you run into this issue.

  • The waist trackers can be in front or in back. If you know the actor will be sitting, use them in front. If you know the actor will be bending forward, use them in the back.

  • Shoulder tracking (aka 5 trackers) have had mixed results as of v0.75. If all else fails, just fall back to 4 unless shrugging is absolutely needed.

  • Vive tracker shoes. Not really a technical tip, but figured I’d offer some other ideas on how to get trackers on and off in record time.

Either way, best of luck!


We’ll be doing 4-- we also did this setup back in June, but great to know the changes since v0.75

Thanks so much!


One thing to add here:

Steam has recently done an update which affects trackers in Hifi(and a lot of other vr titles).

There is a Controller binding menu now where you need to choose manage trackers, change the type to Vive tracker(or vive tracker in hand). Then for each one choose disable.

If you are having calibration fails unexpectedly, try the above.