Does Build 2717 come with walk js version 1.25?


@davedub I am not sure what has happened to Build 2717 because non of the avatars walk any more. I was wondering where we get the URL for the new walk js version 1.25 from. I have not been following the walk thread so I am not up to date with the situation.


Hi @subongo,

The updated version of the walk script is currently in code review. The beta is here:

Let me know if you have any problems,

  • davedub


Thanks m8. I was lucky and bumped into @MichelleLeckrone who showed me the walk working fine.
I will let you know if anything is wrong but I doubt it very much


No luck with my system for some reason. I tried the beta script on build 2717 and 2720. and I tried both @ozan and the old Hifi Avis and got the same results. The 1st picture show the avatar with the forward key pressed and the second with the back key.
The avatar goes into flight mode when the arrow keys are pressed to make the walk.


I have the walk working now. I had to do a clean reinstall off 2720.


@subongo - walk.js 1.25 just passed it’s code review :slight_smile: Happy days.

However, there is a bug in Interface’s audio system that means the first footstep sound is distorted and sounds horrible. I’ve just put in a PR to disable the audio by default, but for now the first step is gonna make a nasty noise the first time it plays after Interface has started.

  • davedub