Does HIFI Block some Users


I have not been able to use the Interface with the stack manager ever since I bought my domain name.
If I log on and up load anything it disappears after a few minutes.
I have not been able to populate my domain. I see other people have their domains on-line all the time while I only last a few minutes. After taking my mesh the Interface will crash.
I k now it is too late to get my money back but I feel I am wasting my time making mesh and logging on the the Interface.


Are you on the latest stack-manager and latest interface client. Let other people look into your domain. Mabye you get hit by the automatic LOD adjustment that can happen at some hardware.

Stack-traces and crash log’s can also help.


Thanks but by the one reply I think my guess was right. I have seen many people post their crash logs on this forum and get no helpful response from the people that write the software. And to be honest I think spending more time in Blender or Max improving ones artistic skills will be more beneficial to me in the long run than having your computer trashed with endless updates. Also in my estimation Windows 10 is the worst Operating System ever. Even if you stay on Windows 7 Microsoft trashes it with updates that mess it up.


As far as I know Hifi does not block any users at this stage, and the fact that you can get into your domain and load a few things up means everything is working up to a point.

It can be frustrating to not get answers and feedback but I have noticed a pattern, the devs do use the crash reports we post and they use them to trace and fix a lot of issues, but wont necessarily get back to you and tell you all about it.

Mysteriously the bugs eventually gets fixed.
We are the feedback, and to expect feedback for our feedback is to suggest the devs have nothing better to do than answer all our questions, they ask the questions and they fix the problems.

I struggled for months with this attitude and felt like I was wasting time posting bugs until I (in zen tones) “let it go” and adopted an attitude of “They cant fix it if they dont know about it” and decided to just post my problems and move onto a different area until its been fixed and not dwell on a response or lack of.

@Richardus.Raymaker has offered 3 relevant points that will take you much further into finding the issue.
Invite someone else into your domain and see what happens.
Go to someone elses domain and see what happens.
If others crash at your domain its your domain, if you crash at others domains then its your interface.
Also posting logs helps other alphas to understand things and I have been helped many times by other alphas.

Narrow it down.
save a copy of your json,gz file somewhere safe then delete it from the resources folder then restart the domain, if it doesnt crash then it is something in your content, bad mesh, Ngons, corrupted object files or something. I made a rock that crashed me every time I looked at it, I deleted it from the svo and all was fine.

Tell us the name of your domain and someone will come along and grief you, I mean help you.


Hi again. Well my absence from this post has been because I have being upgrading hardware and what not. I did a clean reinstall of both the stack manager and Interface. Very little have changed. My uploaded buildings do not disappear randomly. However I am pretty disappointed at the sometimes predictable crashes with the Interface. I say predictable because it often crashes when I am repeating an operation like uploading a mesh model.
I wasted a ton of money getting an Xbox just for the motion sensor only to find it does little with Windows. I was hoping the sensor would work with HiFi but I guessed wrong again.
I am so out of the loop with HiFi I am not sure it is worth going on any more until it is in Beta stage.
Some of the Windows 10 updates can rage havoc on ones computer hardware and the same is true if Hifi.
If you opt to test beta Windows 10 software then you are warned that some of the software has the potential to destroy your hardware.
There is no such warning with HiFi. Before I did a clean reinstall something had brought my whole system to an annoying crawl.


Hi @subongo I can not talk to much about Windows 10, however I have been running it successfully for a while. I upgraded from a new machine so this may contribute. What exactly is happening when you try and upload an asset?


I managed to tame Windows 10 by going to the settings panel and turning off all the file redistribution. Before I got the forced upgrade my Windows 7 was playing up really bad. The problem I have now is I upgraded my Ram from 4Gb to 16 Gb and I have 4Gb DDR5 and I have no noticeable improvement in performance with a lot of software.
I gave up on the meetings because the crashing got worst with the new hardware.
I am getting an 8 core AMD chipped gaming PC in the next week and I hope it solves my crashing problems.
The uploading issue seems to have been solved by doing a clean reinstall. However the interface crashing is till persistent.


What is your graphics card on that machine and does it support OpenGL 4.1?


The graphics card I am using atm is a GeForce GTX 960. Listed in the main features is support for OpenGL 4.4
The new computer will have AMD Radeon R9 390 8GB. But there is no mention of OpenGL with Radeon.
Mind you a lot of electronic goods in all shops over here are fake or the labels lie to the beholder.


GTX 960 must work fine, and you use the nvidia drivers from nvidia own site ? not the drivers that get shipped with the card. Always crap for me and old, so i never touch the cd at all.


When I 1st got the card I could not find the CD so I used the ones from the Nvidia site. But in all my past experience with graphic card updates I have not noticed any kind of improvement. When the Flash Player updates I have only noticed many old videos on Youtube and other sites become more pixelated. I also think Windows 10 is the worst OS ever.


Intressting, i see not much wrong with windows 10. it runs better on this system then windows 7. and fix a few problems for me. High Fidelity interface.exe is running fine on windows 10.

But, your also one of the persons that can help to find the problem, so other people do not hit the same problem. It’s only sometimes hard to find the real problem.


Sure Windows 10 is great if you have to run the indexing all night just so that you can find one file. With XP did not have run indexing to find file. With Windows 7 You could search for items from the Run. With Win 10 you can only search in folders that you have indexed.
I also miss the aero displaying of folders and files.


Install classic shell on windows 10. I do that since windows 8. then it’s fine the default windows 10 menu is

It brings the good old windows menu back.


Thanks for that link m8. It looks like I have the good old search back. I can not find the setting to get the title bar colour back.
I do not know why Microsoft removed that and made the screen so bright. Anyway many thanks for the link.


Aha, am not the only one. i have solution for that.

Here you can find wich setting is for the window header color.


I already have this winaero but I do not like the Windows 8 border and the background it forces on you. I did however find on the same link other useful looking apps like Personalization Panel for Windows 10. Hopefully this will bring back the dark colours borders to all my windows.
All the bright white panels stop me feeling sleepy at night.