Does leapHands.js work in HMD view?


Does the Leap Motion script, leapHands.js, work in HMD mode? I know that it doesn’t in desktop mode (and I’m going to fix that) but I from peoples’ comments I gathered that it worked in HMD display mode.

I can’t get it working, though:

  • Windows 10.
  • Interface build 5086.
  • Default scripts running.
  • leapHands.js running.
  • Developer > Hands > Leap Motion > Leap Motion on HMD enabled
  • Leap Motion mounted on front of Rift.
  • Enter HMD view display mode.
  • Put hands in field of view of view … nothing!

Is anyone successfully able to use the Leap Motion in HMD view?


Was there anything in the recent removal of the realsense code that might have been a part of the code path for the leap motion?


Hi David. They have changed the directory structure of where the file is housed. Also, have you tried using a different avatar with same results?


Hi. I’m running leapHands.js from the \scripts\system\controllers directory. I’ve tried using it with the “being of light” and robot avatars.

What I’m seeking is confirmation or otherwise that it’s working for someone - either using the latest “release” release or development release of Interface - when used with their HMD. Passing comments in recent Friday meetups indicated that it might be working though it wasn’t clear.


I have used it with the current public beta release in CV1, with a mixamo standard avatar.


@Alphaversiond Thanks! I’ll try it with other avatars in the “examples” directory to see if I can find one that works for me.


Unfortunately, none of the avatars in the examples directory seem to work with leapHands.js for me.

What I would really like is the URL of an avatar that works in HMD view, please.

Also, by “working in HMD view”, confirmation that this means if you have your Rift mounted on your HMD and you put your physical hands out in front, your avatar hands move to the position of your physical hands and replicate their movements: translations, rotations, and finger movements.


Yes. I wear the leap on the CV1 with the latest runtime for both Leap and Oculus. This is on the public beta of HF.

try this one: ((images folder should be publicly available))

I appreciate the hard work on Leap Hands, it was a very convincing experience and am happy you’re working on it.


Thanks very much, @AlphaVersionD . Still not working for me: hands don’t move up into the field of view but I can look down and though the arms are handing straight down I can see the fingers moving as I move mine.

At least I now have a known should-work test case. I should be able to get that going then hopefully fix the Leap-on-desk configuration.


Conclusion: leapHands.js currently works OK on both desktop and HMD (with Developer > Hands > Leap Motion > Leap Motion on HMD disabled/enabled appropriately).

To get mine working I just had to delete my Interface.ini.


That’s good! Some setting trashed?

Now I need to trash my RealSense RGBD camera.