Doing the Dance of Electricity


For weeks now, I’ve been seeing indications that my av is writhing around as if being electrocuted or something… Body wriggling, arms thrashing about. Mostly I just see the hands popping in and out of view, though, since I’m usually seeing things from where its face would be. On the other hand, whenever I’ve seen the videos of the meetings, and see what is most likely my av, he’s just standing there like normal. From that, I pretty much came to the conclusion that that writhing dance was only going on locally to my machine and was not showing that way to the rest of you.

Today, after the end of the meeting, after a lot of the people had left, I noticed someone repeatedly say something about “the dancing-guy over there.” and at some point it dawned on me they were talking about me.

Why on earth would my av be doing the Dance of Electricity, and what can I do to make it stop doing that? I’m not on any kind of VR goggles, I’m just on keyboard and mouse. And I have a webcam, which I get the impression Interface notices the presence of any webcam on hand, but I don’t think I’ve ever configured anything concerning that.


Oh! It looked like your avatar was playing a dance animation. I think we all saw that happening in the meeting. Someone mentioned they saw your avatar’s fingers were bending in unusual angles, so yes, suggests something else had gone awry. It may be best to schedule up a meeting with a few people to determine what is going on.


Weird. How does a HiFi av even wind up playing an animation, anyway? I mean, its not like we have dance pose balls, do we? Is there a menu in Interface that lists animations one can load and play?


Like this:

There are no menus, etc. It’s all low level scripting presently.


So, presumably there’s a rogue script running on my Interface that’s making me dance? Is there a way to dump to clipboard a list of all the scripts running that I can paste into here?


Open your console from the edit menu and paste this script in

 var runningScripts = ScriptDiscoveryService.getRunning();

then copy the output and paste it somewhere to read.

But to me it seems like you have a rogue FBX animation running rather than a script, does it do the same thing with a different avatar? If not its possible the avatar FBX contains an animation and its somehow set to loop continuously.


Well, shortly before I logged out earlier today, I switched from the robot avatar to the blue-androgenous avatar, and it was still dancing after that. Now I log in, and zoom out to see it, and now it seems to be just sort of in a strange stand, stooped over a little, with the arms wiggling slightly held out in a sort of inverted V.

How do I copy and past the Scripting Console output? Just holding the left mouse button down while mousing across it doesn’t seem to be highlighting it for me to Ctrl-C it.


If your avatar’s on a near 45 degree angle with arms back and out a little it’s probably just the “domain content is still loading” pose, i.e., flying and waiting for something to stand on.


Well, this is what I’m seeing. The arms and the legs seems to be slowly swaying slightly left and right.


You might have to triple click the line.
Alternatively you can save it as runningScripts.js and run it from your file system.

That way you can open the log file from the debug console and save out your results.


Well, now the av is dancing around like crazy,.

There’s another av here now, but I don’t see a name over it.

Annnnndd the other av has left again… oO


Hmm, you see, any script can apply animations to another avatar. That’s how the dance floor at Music used to work. It would push the mixamo twist dance animation onto everyone on the floor. I wonder if someone is playing around.


No one else seems to be on Playa with me right now, though. How would I rule out that its someone else doing this to me?

And another question… if I re-paste into Scripting Console that script that Adrian gave me above. is there a way to pipe the output from that into a textfile? Some additional code to append to the script? I’m on Win7 64bit.


it sounds like your avatar animator has the dance animation set as idle, and the dance animation is the same as the one we had at Music. Try locating the C:\Program Files\High Fidelity\resources\avatar\avatar-animation.json
and replacing the contents with

and restarting the client, if that didnt work, make sure to clear the Avatar > avatar animation json property and pointing it to the above file


Okay, I quit out of Interface, renamed the old json file to have .bak appended to the end and pasted the other one into that folder. Launched again. I’m still dancing. oO


Try the second part, paste as the Avatar animation JSON


Placed the one from the last post into that folder. I still have Happy Feet.



Yup, that sorted it. Somehow I had some long-string-of-gibberish.json thing in there. oO