Domain assets all messed up


The research team over at the Virtuoso domain just logged in for the first time in a week an all of our assets are messed up. The positioning o models are completely off, things are upside down, slanted, in completely different areas, and more.

Nobody has been signed into the world since we were last in there. We have a script that runs and tracks all user data and activity. We have tried to restore backups but the only one that works is from one that deletes several hours of our work. All of the other backups have this problem where our models are all distorted and placed incorrectly.

What in the world could be causing this? Also, reminder, we do have permissions correct so nobody else could have gone in and done this, and we have no logs of anybody doing so from our stats tracker.


@Menithal has a script on the market that turns off grabable and locks everything
Which is important a well known hifi user has wrecked my domain before now and she still gets in despite being banned
Locking and disabling grab is essential


I actually had that script on already. But when I loaded today it was off as well as many others like my chat and record.js apps.

What is he username of this person/any pertinent info? I would like to be able to block them best I can. How can somebody vandalize it when I have the settings to where only certain usernames can edit?