Domain Bandwidth


During today’s meetup I was seeing 1.5 Mbps downloads on HQ with 17 avatars present. Does this mean the HQ domain server was sending 25.5 Mbps (17 × 1.5 Mbps) of bandwidth?


That wouldn’t be only from the HQ domain-server - that’s from the combination of domain-server, avatar-mixer, audio-mixer and entity-server. The domain-server itself has the smallest portion of that bandwidth.


Thanks @b but now I am a little confused. I have Comcast with 105 Mbps down and 26 Mbps up. So if I host a domain server at home, my server will be able to send out a maximum of 26 Mbps. If during the meetup there were 17 avatars and no other objects in the world, what is the realistic ability for folks to host their own domain server from home?

Did I compute something incorrectly? If not, then I may need to move to a data center which would greatly increase the cost.


My best gues is that biggest part of the bandwith will be eaten up by the entities, meshes but since those probably will come from another source, for instance drop box, github or from an other source than the machine you are hosting your domain server on, I would gues that part would not eat up the upload of you got.

But there probably will be more factors in play, like what other software is running on the same machine and how taxing is the assignment client on the cpu.