Domain chat box with user list


I made a domain chat if anybody wants to take a look. It’s in hifi://code. It still has a couple of bugs and needs more features (like scroll bars), but it mostly works.


Can you minimize it ? Verr important function.


Well I made a window library to use with it where you can have tabbed windows with buttons to minimize, etc or untabbed windows (like these). You can move all the windows around and they remember where they were between logins.I would like to add resizable windows, but as far as I know you cant change the icon of the mouse pointer.


Now I can start adding admin controls. Kick, ban name/ip, freeze, server notifications etc etc.


Good to see you are coding this. What also would be good is that you add an announcement in the chatbox each time a person enters or leaves the domain.

For example:

*** Richardus Raymaker just entered Earth ***
*** Richardus Raymaker has left Earth ***

Being able to toggle on and off this function when domains are very active is also a plus.

You can also use a comment /users show or /users hide to make the userlist on the left show. When you apply /users hide you only have a small chatbar on your screen.


Hey that’s a good idea about /users. Or maybe just a toggle button.

I plan on implementing custom UI in my domain so I will probably add a toolbar anyway.


I am thinking I might add a bunch of controls for security and such and host chat/security servers for people to add to their own domains (or maybe I will just host the domains themselves and include all this functionality with them).


Is that a small banner ad I see on the bottom of the widget?


That’s a different project. I am also making a standalone instant messenger.


You’re referring to this right? Yes that’s a banner :smiley:


OMG, can someone make ad-blocker for high fidelity ! :wink: :smile:


So… I take it this will not be open sourced?


I don’t know yet. Maybe sometime in the future. Most of it is javascript so I can’t really stop anybody from customizing their copy.


Just wondering because text chat is sort of a utility that ppl expect to safe, … if it were to become a must have sort of thing, I would think that someone would release a version without the ads.

If it was not open sourced… then not sure many would go for it unless it was done by trusted provider… and even so… how does anyone know that things really are encrypted… and or … that everything is not recorded on some server somewhere?

Don’t mind me. I’ve been thinking of the same things for a bit now. Maybe the ads will not bother ppl… Or maybe you can add other features that will make it better than the free version, even without the ads.


I see what you mean. Well, they can always take a look at the javascript. There is no real way to hide it. All you can do is obfuscate it really. When you say “open source” you are really talking about licensing, not whether or not they can see the code.


You are absolutely correct though. I won’t be using ads. That was just a mock-up to see what it would look like on the messenger. The ads aren’t real and they don’t even do anything.

Thanks for pointing these things out. Everybody knows everything is recorded somewhere, whether encrypted or not (thanks to the NSA). I want to add the ability to add your own PGP encryption keys (even a different set for each friend if you want).

The messenger is going to be free, but not open source (meaning I refuse to give away my code to people who just want to change the logo on it and sell it as their own). They can open the file and look at all the code though.


I think there will be a need for a domain chat that connects to an irc server of choice to a room of choice.

This gives the domain owner the right to choose his own server or host his own irc server.

You create a room on the irc server of choice.

Then you set the server in your script together with the port and the room you are using for your domain.

A chat system that sends all messages through a third party server is not ideal for privacy reasons.

Another option is that domain owners host their own chat servers.

A chat module for stackmanager would be ideal to solve this.


That’s what I am doing. It includes commands for administrating my domain.