Domain landing point?


hi, a friend tried to connect to my domain, I saw their avatar as they were loading, but after the loading they were transported elsewhere (they said they saw just black) instead of seeing me+ground+skybox.

do I need to set a landing point somehow?

I have an entity in the domain called “Zone” which is the default zone item 1000x1000x1000 but maybe i deleted some other component I shouldn’t have?


Domain landing point is defined by the / path as defined in the web management interface as


if for example you are running it on your own computer, you can access it with


or by right clicking the high fidelity service logo in the actions bar.

by default this should be just fine, unless youve moved structures or built somewhere in the domain.

Do note however this only effects those who type in the domain address you have.
Clicking on someones name through the users list, usually end up with you teleporting to the person. If that said person happens to be near a wall, there can be a chance that the user gets flinged by the physics when the physics hull loads up. :slight_smile: Clicking on their name a bit should allow them to come back if that happens however.

The Entity “Zone” is just an entity and shouldnt be effecting anything if removed or if present.

Hopefully that helps


thank you, I also found another way to teleport to the right place is to give people the copied url from Navigate>copy path to clipboard.