Domain on a stick


I’m sure @chris explained how to run a domain and interface from a computer disconnected from the net, but i cant find the link.

I want to put my domain on a memory stick as it were, so i can mess with it offline.
i set up the stack and interface on my lapTOP
anyone know what i have to do to get it all working just i suppose locally?


Hey Judas,
When you start Stackmanager the default should be setup to use localhost/

You should just be able to click the link in Stackmanager to use the local domain, or type location localhost in interface.

Maybe that helps, not sure I understood the question right.


This far i got, can i just load models from the desktop? can i still log in without the net?


The default of everything works offline, even the client can just be pointed to localhost and run just fine from the local stack manager.

Nothing actually requires the internet right now to work unless you want to visit outside domains :stuck_out_tongue: