Domain "open" No Fly?


Is the domain “Open” set to No-Fly ?
Well No-Fly sucks ! your lucky if something is loaded so you know the domain is up. But i tried to teleport 10 times and i keep falling and falling until finaly after a long time the mesh is loaded.

So no-fly domains are currently bad domains if theres not some entity that load as first to catch the visitors before the drop to nowhere. Best would be if No-Fly get triggered after loading the content.


I think you should file it as a bug instead of asking the domain owner to change his stance. Protip: that’s me. :wink:


Well, first need to know if it’s reallt No-Fly. there’s no feedback to the viewer if domain is no-fly. at least not that i know.

Also it does not happen on all domains. and i think on open it started to happen when i tried to move. but mabye i could not move. that seems normal the lock movement until something is loaded.

And i guess at the moment the viewer released the key lock i started to drop.
But first need to know if it’s no-fly


Good feedback.

  1. Yes it is no fly. This is a problem even for myself! Believe me, it’s not fun when you fall repeatedly and you expect the ground to catch you but it doesn’t. wth guys?

  2. I think it could be related to my spawn point being deliberately set well above the anticipated ground plane. Would love @leviathan to chime in on that.

  3. No fly is the fastest way for me to keep people out from where I don’t want them. It’s not a perfect solution, but it helps.


Keeping people out of the places you don’t want them in is one of those things that needs to be supported more directly sooner or later, preferably sooner. I’m wondering how long it will be before stuff like being able to lock 3D zones down to members only will arrive on the scene, and what it would take to help bring development of that tech forward.


The problem (a bug) is that there is that gravity is applied before the surface physics shapes are manifested.

Another bug is the very weird physics in HF in that the gravity gradient is a local to surface effect instead of a permeating force.

And too another bug is that no-fly in HF is presently terrible until avatars can climb irregular surfaces and steps.


Hey @Richardus.Raymaker, I’ve added a ‘landing pad’ can you clear cache and try again?




So Far it looks like it works.