Domain postion / coordinates wrong?


Hmm, just made new domain, complete fresh, no port forwarding . just teleported to it, that works fine. But sofar i did understand after the expansion of the domain to 32x32km i expected that a fresh domain landing point start at 0,0,0 but , i get send to this coordinates.

Do we have a bug in the stats coordinates and it’s not updated after expansion ?
How is the new coordinate system counting ?from -16384 to + 16384 ? or it’s counting from 0 to 32768 ? Anyway the default coordinate after teleporting in fresh sim is not the center.

Just seeing this in the stack-manager

Anyway i expect the center of the domain is 0 or 16384 as coordinate.
So, what’s wrong ?


If you have not set a starting location in your place name or path then you will go to the x,y,z of where ever you were before.


Aha, then i need to check the coordinates on earth. Ok.