Domain Replication Explained Easily



Let’s say for a moment I have a domain “Domain A” running on a machine “Machine 1”.

Now let’s say I wish to fully replicate Domain A on Machine 1 into a “Domain B” on “Machine 2”.

Can the process be completed as easily as a domain backup simply propagated to Machine 2?

Can someone with experience in Domains, such as @Adrian or @Coal speak to such a process?



I havent personally tried it, but if you just want to copy the info, you can just copy the model file and the config json

Config from \AppData\Local\High Fidelity\domain-server\High Fidelity\domain-server
model.svo from \AppData\Local\High Fidelity\Stack Manager\resources


The config.json file will have to undergo some personalization, notably:

    "entity_server_settings": {
    "persistFilename": "E:/High Fidelity/Stack Manager/resources/models.svo", <===
    "wantEditLogging": false
"metaverse": {
    "access_token": "*****************",
    "automatic_networking": "full",
    "id": "ffffffff-0000-1111-2222-2345789abcde" <===

The persist file name may have to be different if the two machines are sharing a directory (they ought not), but the domain ID definitely needs to be different.

The above applies for the case where you want to replicate a domain and run both servers If your intent is to just transfer a domain to another machine and scrub the first one, then yes, copy the two files. The unanswered question is will HF figure out and repoint to the new machine when it phones home. My guess is yes.


could put the file so its in ur dropbox folder maybe


WOAH. So, if I understood you correctly; you mean to tell me we can throw MULTIPLE machines to handle a single domain?

If yes, this is a game-changer for me, and I will need someone to confirm.


yeah its doable @chris said so a while back but it requires a 10th level nerd to do it ¬.¬


Yeah its not that well explained though. Most likely it will be something to do with the zones :slight_smile: They had an earlier prototype running in some of the demonstrations they had somewhere.


That approach would be a great way to apply spot power to areas where you expect to have a concentration of activity, like a club, a large meeting.

BTW, yesterday I set up a micro-server in my network closet, installed the stack manager on it, copied the settings and model files over, adjusted the config settings to point to the right folders, and now it is running 24/7. So yes, domain movement to another computer is quite easy to do.


Possible solution would be at some point to add Import/Export option in the stack-manager. It also can be used to backup your domain.


In the old days when OS software was still configurable and user-friendly I’d have attempted it but as Windows are no longer thinking about sane configurations, I’ll pass on this. :confused: