Domain Server bug


Domain Server running on Mac OS X.

From web interface click x on an agent - this should “expel” agent and did properly in past. Now it leads to a hang in domain-server requiring a hard force quit to recover (i.e. from command line kill -9 ps_of_ds)

Killing avatar-mixer, entity-server or audio-mixer does not lead to this, only killing an agent does so. Also if you click Kill All Nodes with agents present it does not lead to hang.


Looking into this now - sorry for the delay.


@b - Thanks. It’s still a present issue at the moment. Stack running on OS X - from web console I just clicked x to kill my agent. Domain is now down - domain server process at remote mac mini is hung and I’m about to ssh in to fix.

It also behaves exactly same on my stack running on linux.


Weirdest thing - I got it to happen one time and now can’t repro again. Will keep trying.


Sorry to hear that - it’s 100% every time for me on both OS X and Linux machines.


Ahh I see, it requires you have multiple nodes connected. Got it - should have fix shortly.


Merged and deployed a fixed for this today. Let me know if it’s still happening!


Thanks @b - will test in a bit, but seeing the code change, I suspect it’s a done deal.


@b - bit of a red alert on mac stack side.

dyld: Library not loaded: /Users/jenkins/Jenkins/workspace/hifi-domain-server-mac/build-ext/Xcode/tbb/project/src/tbb/lib/libtbb.dylib
Referenced from: /Users/xx/Library/Application Support/High Fidelity/Stack Manager/./domain-server
Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap: 5


Yep, we’re on this right now - should be a new domain-server available shortly.


@b - Got the good update and can confirm the issue reported has been fixed. Appreciate it.