Domain-Server issue when using "logrotate" in ubuntu


Hello. I am using logrotate to cycle tru the logs in /var/log/hifi. I am setting up the environment script to do weekly log rotations and restart both the Domain-Server and Assignment-Client on completion. The process seems to be working fine and the new log files are being created while the old ones are being compressed, achieved and/or later deleted. The issue comes when I check the newly created domain-server log right after the restart has happened. It can’t find the mappings.json.
“[CRITICAL] [hifi.asset-backup] Failed to find “mappings.json” while loading backup”
“[05/06 06:36:02] [CRITICAL] [hifi.asset-backup] Error: 0”
It then tries to find it a couple more times and then simply marks the entire content panel in “myip:40100/content/#content_archives_group” as “corrupted” and dumps everything leaving the world map empty. I have to download the last known backup manually (even tho it marks it as corrupted) and re-import it using the “upload-content” feature. That solves the problem and the world goes to how it was before but I would like to know how to fix the log rotate issue or how to simple disable logs all together. Thank you.