Domain Server Not Found error with sandbox [solved]



Uhmm… whut?

It’s been doing this to me for at least a couple days at startup of my machine. oO

edit: On the other hand, just noticed a new version of High Fidelity was put out yesterday, installing that now. Hopefully that will fix this. I still don’t get why it spontaneously lost that executable, though, since I hadn’t changed anything since the LAST time an update was placed out, other than letting the sandbox contents get updated… which shouldn’t have touched any executables. oO


Hi Nathan, I wonder if it was looking for an older version?

Can you take a look at what windows is actually starting up with in task manager and going into the startup tab?

Did you try doing a clean install of the latest? Please let me know if you have any updates on the issue.


Well, after I installed the newer version, the problem went away, so everything is hunkey-dorey now. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Please let me know if it comes up again!