Domain server run, it seems to connect. But that's it


I just confisgued domain server.
When i teleport to it, it seems to connect.
But when i place a cube.
i cannot walk on it. my avatar is not moving.
If i leave the domain and come back the cube is gone.

Am pretty sure in the past i did the same.
Checked server assigment logs, the are empty

It also seems that the log thing you can open by clicking view logs not show much. While you open the log file manual you see much more information. But nothing that really point to a problem.

So, am lost with what is wrong.

ADD: i just did shutdown the whole system. and the client tells me the server is disconnected. SO am sure the avatar is connected. Only build does not work. while my avatar have the permisisons. Unless the changed soemthing in how avatar names need to be entered.

ADD: Only servber log is showing this error.

QObject::startTimer: Timers can only be used with threads started with QThread

It looks like not all assignment serve4rs are running ? if any is running. I think about that because the entity cube keeps phantom to.

ADD: After asking and confirming if it’s still the same. For some reason the assignment clients are not started on the domain server. I do not see them in task manager like i always did in the past.

Question is only, why are the not starting.
There are no errors visible.


Solution can be found here,