Double avatar after logout


If I logout in the interface, then it will be create a second Avatar. Both avatars stand side by side. The second Avatar will disappear after a server restart.

  • Avatar Kate
  • Interface version 3621
  • domain-server and assignment client compiled: 21.11.2015


Funny, i have that sometimes with login. and that exists for a while.


Funny? (grumbles) :wink:


grrrrr now with login too.


At the domain “HQ” that does not happen.


Well, now i know it’s not only me. It’s intressting.


This phenomena is more than just logout/login. It happens to me in the sandbox. As I move around I start seeing copies of my avatar briefly. They linger a few seconds. The scene also ‘flickers’ implying some overall glitch is happening.

This seems to be only happening for me on the sandbox domain. All OK in hq, OK in my spiritmoving domain, OK in Babylon.


I found what causes avatar ghosting to happen. It also causes moderate to severe movement glitches:

The reason this is being reported in the sandbox is that there happens to be a zone where one of its edges coincides with the default domain entry point.