Double Tunnel Fail


Me again.

Consider the following:
The place name ‘science’ runs on a Win10 box.

If I use a computer that is currently running Interface to then remote into a machine that has access TO the computer RUNNING stack_manager (sandbox - dumb name but w.e.) , I will be unable to connect to ANY METAVERSE DOMAIN


cc: @Jess, @OmegaHeron


Are you hitting these through a vpn or something at all? Only thing i can think of is you’re going through the remote gateway on the local machine and that’s doing something funny. Very interesting problem though, I’ve had RDP sessions running while rocking the interface and haven’t bumped into that problem.


Thanks for the quick response. For the sake of this experiment, we can assume I have physical access to Primay Machine that tunnels into the >> Interface machine that also tunnels into the >> Science domain machine. But any and all domains attempted to reach from Level_2 box cannot complete.



Oh man i haven’t done that kind of RDPception before :expressionless:


Hi there @AlphaVersionD,

This is an interesting situation that I’m not sure we have encountered yet.

I think we are a bit confused as to what exactly the setup that is giving you the issue is.

To help understand the problem better, can you provide us with clear details about which machine is running which component, and which network they live on?


I’ll contact you privately with a scope of the situation. Thanks!