Download the client?


I just got the invite for the Alpha. Where do I download it at?



I may be being being particularly stupid but I can’t get the link provided to download the client to work as my user name and password do not appear to be recognised (but I logged onto this forum using them okay!).


requied a passowrd and username i try to inset my login data but nothing anyone can help me ?


me too i have the same problem


We’re looking into this now. Sorry about that!


Should be fixed now. Let us know if there are other problems downloading!


Still not working for me - stuck on ‘authentication required’. Can you confirm what it is expecting here - email and password or user name and password (and if that which user name - long or short?)


now is working! thx you


Nothing yet for Linux (OpenSuse)? I’d love to give it a try when it’s available.


For those you have to compile your own @Jay_Rowe - you can search the forums and find information others have posted about a self compile