Downtime to upgrade the Metaverse (7pm PDT tonight)


Hi All,

We are going to be migrating the Metaverse to a more robust setup. This will mean the services that support the metaverse will be down for a short period of time starting at 7pm PDT today. While the migration happens, the following will be offline:

  • User, place and domain lookups in interface
  • directory, marketplace, place name
    purchaser, etc (the site will be entirely unavailable)
  • alphas forum login
  • interface client login
  • list of available domains
  • Domain heartbeats



And we don’t even have a Beta grid to run to. :wink:


Thanks for the heads-up @chris. Must be good things coming!


Thanks for the update @chris . Looking forward to the improvements. twiddles thumbs What to do during downtime, anyone? :smile:


I think it where shorter to tell what’s not down. :open_mouth: Because it looks High Fidelity is just complete down for some times. Curious what’s not stable with the current platform…

But don’t worry. sleeping anyway then.