Drag & Drop screenshot from forum into High Fidelity interfeace.exe dont work


I just wnted to test it for the first way what chris told me. grab a screenshot from forum and drop it in high fidelity. Well, its not working. no teleport and only a nice mouse corsor with the denied symbol O with / in it. tried a few pictures also the ones from chris.

So, whats wrong ?


I’m having the same issue, when dragging and dropping from the forum or my snapshot folder to the interface, it says:

No location data was found in this JPG, try using an authentic Hifi snapshot.

Also, when I create a snapshot, it puts the snapshot in the folder I specified, but when I click “Share”, I get the error:

Your Discourse API key is missing, you cannot share snapshots. Please try to relog.


The default image that the forum shows you is cropped so you need to click to get the original. Watch this gif http://gyazo.com/e5a3b69f4f14a334f6b909fe1e6799fe


Thanks @chris, any idea about the sharing issue?


besides for now its complex way for soemthing simple… (i know it get better)

Its not working, clicked on the image so it gets bigger, saved that image to disk. then drop it in interface.exe "No location data was found in this JPG, try using an authentic Hifi snapshot."
Its more easy to use a domain and coordinates. :slight_smile:


On build 1053 the problem is fixt and you can now teleport in windows to by dragging a full size screenshot to the interface. and that works pretty cool.