Drawcalls and Blender


Soo @Caitlyn says its all about the drawcalls

If this is the case Is there a way to leverage this to better performance
I want to experiment with it to see what works and what doesn’t

My initial thought was Ill just drag all my models into a single blender file and see how that runs.
But thats a ton of work, especially once you factor in collision volumes
The model file thingy in the stack manager has the filenames and relative coordinates for everything

Do we have a Python nerd who can tell me if it would be possible to do a script to batch import everything and its coordinates into blender?

Joining everything into 1 model isnt ideal as you wont be able to move things around in hifi. But Initially I want to be able to A/B test the performance between a joined and un-joined domain . If there’s a significant performance gain then I can start to compromise back toward a more practical mix of joined and separate models


Intressting test, but i think the test still works without collision model. but we need to fly then. Not moving things is indeed one of the hsrd things. besides the load time get longer too.

When you really have done it, call me i want todo some testimg there to.


Nuu :fearful: don’t do that. There is a fix in the works to not do duplicate draw calls on identical models. This is one of major problems that was tanking playa render rate performance. The other issue is that if you combine everything into one glob of connected entities, physics could well have a heart attack. I recommend holding off until the next beta rolls in.