Dropbox does not works


There are not more public folders by Dropbox. The enabled links to the *.fst file does not works.
I think the problem is, that the relative path in the *.fst file is broken.

How can I use Dropbox correctly?


I’ve found it won’t load from Dropbox if there are any special characters or even spaces in your path or model filename. I guess it’s not urlunwrapping somewhere.

Using just standard alphanumeric and hypens works fine for me.


Without a Public folder on dropbox, that will not work… sorry. You need something like normal hosting or say http://github.io


TIL Dropbox changed public folders for new users. Had no idea.

Sorry, totally mis-undestood your question. My bad


Yep been that way since 2012 sadly.


I wanted to use Dropbox as it is recommended in the HiFi docs. Ok, but without public folder it really does not works seem to. I switched to http://github.io. So I have been able to switch to another avatar.

At the Amazona Web Services bothers me, that you have to pay from certain number of accesses per access.

Thank you very much for your help.


As did I but Dropbox refuses to work for me as well…
We definitely need an alternative. I WAS using my FTP but due to increased hacker activity out of China, I can’t risk keeping it online.

btw, http://github.io returns “unknown domain: github.io


This URL should work: https://github.com/