Dropbox is down waaaaaaaaaaaa


Well dropbox is down currently soooo works stopped


yay my dropbox too, so I’m not alone with this problem. :slight_smile:


You do realize dropbox mgt is methodically turning off all HF access. I think they tired of the 100MB repeated downloads.

Having looked at the access logs to my server, and the repeated download requests to the same models, I can well understand why a company wishes not to be DDOS’d. The interface app (lack of a working) cache seriously needs fixing,.


I’m back, all here



OMG,m don’t restart your stack-manager. there’s a hugh change if you do that objects dissapear.

Can be a good test to if you like gambling :open_mouth:


That’s very cute picture. reminds me at some Secondlife avatar and animation. :smile:


Thanks, this is my first Mixamo avatar and the animation is also from fuse. And the picture is taken at MagicGame, which stays now connected already over some days. All the day I have thought about, what may happen, if I compile the sources new. So better I do it not now.


Already happened to me a couple of weeks ago.


Yes for me too. The activating of old backups has helped. Finally all things were back.