Dropbox public folders?


I am totally baffled, I’ve [quote=“ctrlaltdavid, post:2106, topic:244, full:true”]
@Foxxe If you hold down Alt then click-and-hold on an entity / model and move your mouse, you can move your camera similar to Second Life. It’s a but funky though, so I’ve put a modified version of inspect.js that makes it closer to Second Life operation at: http://ctrlaltstudio.com/downloads/hifi/scripts/inspect.js

Sounds great but how do I go about importing scripts? (I tried the upload button on marketplace but only got an invisible “prim” marked in the entities list as “inspect.js”


Go into the File menu, select ‘Running Scripts’. Next to the ‘Load Scripts’ label is a button marked ‘from URL’. Click that and paste your URL. Your script should be fetched and running.


Thanks for the help!! :smile:


@Foxxe Hi! Also, if you’re using my inspect.js, make sure that the default High Fidelity inspect.js isn’t also running. (If you have both running, you can hover your mouse pointer over each in the Running Scripts dialog to see the URL it’s loaded from, and so can determine which one to stop.)